Fibromyalgia Treatment Center

The Fibromyalgia Treatment Center is located in Marina del Rey, California, which is about 10 minutes north of the airport (LAX). You can make an appointment with Dr. St. Amand by visiting the site and clicking on “make an appointment” on the right hand side.

Appointments costs are based on time. Usually the first appointment for an adult is $400 and lasts about one hour. The price of a child could be anywhere from $200 to $400 depending on how much time is needed to teach the protocol. We encourage patients, making their first appointment, to write down their questions. You can be so excited and nervous that you may forget everything you wanted to ask. You should also bring your recent lab results. If you bring your products and supplements, they will check them for salicylates. Any future appointments are $115.00 for adults and children and usually lasts about 15 minutes.  If more time is reqested, naturally the price would be higher.