The Group

Fibrofree is a recovery group of Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue (FMS/CFS) sufferers from all walks of life.  Our group was started in 2005 and now has over 200 registered email members.   We take responsibility for our personal health by following the Guaifenesin Protocol developed by Dr. Paul St. Amand from the Fibromyalgia Treatment Center in Marina del Rey, California.


 Our Vision 

  • To see the adoption of the protocol by the medical profession as the treatment of choice for FM/CFS.


Our Mission

  • To provide education, validation and hope to those diagnosed with FM/CFS who choose, as their primary treatment, the Guaifenesin Protocol presented  in the book, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia, by Dr. Paul St.  Amand and Claudia Marek.
  • To demonstrate successful outcomes to healthcare professionals.


Our Goals

  • Educate  patients, families and health care professionals about Dr. St. Amand’s Guaifenesin Protocol
  • Demonstrate integrity and knowledge of Dr. St. Amand’s Guaifenesin Protocol
  • Direct members of our Recovery Group to seek the advice of their own physicians for any concern not strictly related to the protocol.
  • Encourage and support members as they learn the protocol.
  • Foster members’ independence and self-sufficiency in following the protocol.
  • Teach members to understand and identify synthetic and natural salicylates.
  • Educate those with hypoglycemia, in addition to their FMS/CFIDS, methods to control blood sugar.
  • Collaborate with other Recovery Groups to promote public awareness of Dr. St. Amand’s Guaifenesin Protocol regionally and nationally.